TLDStat Stay tuned on the latest trends in your domain!

TLDStat is a unique tool to help you comprehensively evaluate your domain business and efficiently strategize your operations, allowing top-level domain administrator to receive complete domain stats daily

Live statistics

  • Number of domain names and their growth
  • New registrations, cancelations
  • Renewal rates
  • Age and length of domain names
  • Domain names by registrars and registrants
  • Geography of domain names and registrants
  • Domain names by registrant type
  • Registrar and registrant transfers
  • Domain names usage


  • Secure https protocol
  • Depersonalized data (no personal data processing)
  • A number of formats to load data (pick your favourite one)


Fee for the service includes:

  • Installation fee, subject to the customer’s demands
  • Monthly fee, subject to the registry base
Number of domains Monthly Fee
< 250,000 299 €
250,000 – 1,000,000 1,499 €
> 1,000,000 3,999 €

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